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We exist to meet the needs of humanity

Our Mission

Why We Exist!

At FEED THE HEART FOUNDATION, we believe that helping those in need should not be a surprise. We believe in a world where food, water, shelter, and other basic amenities are fundamental utilities that everyone should be able to access.

We face a complex challenge. Every year, thousands of people are malnourished, displaced because of a lack of basic amenities, short term projects, and intervention.

This leaves around a third of the world’s poorest people without access to the most basic of human rights and leads directly to economic, social, and health problems on a global scale.

FEED THE HEART FOUNDATION exists to continually change and help shape the established practices, through partnership, collaboration, and the active application of our expertise. We plan to work with governments, service providers, and international organizations to deliver systems and services that are truly built to last.

Feed The Heart Foundation

Child Support

We engage in child care and educational support.

Feed The Heart Foundation

Rural Outreach

We engage in rural outreach and aide to needy.

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